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HORSES and HORSEBACK RIDING: Sometimes I forget my main interest in running this site is for the marketing of our Stables – Looking Out Stables. Here is the link to that page. As an alternative just hit the ‘horses’ tag and you, will find everything remotely HORSE or HORSEBACK RIDING or TRAIL RIDING, or HORSE RIDING related there.

I’ve written some of my experiences with our re-trained and retired racehorses, as those are the horses we have here at the Looking Out Stables. I’ve also started to rebuild my interest in donkeys and Equus asinus for the farming sector. Long live the ass I say.

Looking back over years and years of misspent energies, I see the Internet has held my interest longer than my wives, girlfriends and even a few pets if I had to admit. As far as Web technology is concerned I have been lucky enough to learn how to use its various functions to achieve a goal or two. Indeed I can happily say it has broadened my reach, widened my perspective.

As these pages grow I think I will document some approaches which worked for me, some which never did, as well as those which I think are hotter than – Angelina Jolie. Okay I only did that for the keywords. You’ll find I do that a lot- use words which make no sense that the average person may see. It’s all in the keywords you see. Well you will see.

Seriously though, if you are intrigued by computers, yet have not found your niche, let me take you through a tale of words, syntax, html, css, php, asp.net, C# (that’s C Sharp) and MySql and SQL. These are my playgrounds and I think yours too, if you are even halfway down this page.

ORGANIC FARMING: If you have an interest in sustainable enterprises like growing organic foods, small scale farming and simple living and couldn’t care two hoots about computers, then this site will work for you too. And if you wonder why its all on the same place then be comforted to know I do it as a form of relaxation – all of it.

Traditional Farming: There is a time for giving up the sword and taking up the ploughshare. (quote me on that eh?) I think that time is now. Growing up in a farming community, and actually having harrowed a few banks, I think I’m qualified to talk. As I walked the halls of other disciplines I came to see that the farmers need to be less insular in their thinking and to master other disciplines even as they talk to their plants. Oh! We keep a few sheep on the LOS. Did I mention?

Environmental Advocacy: Those other disciplines? I had to get to it, but we are died in the wool environmentalists here at the Looking Out Stables. We are members of Environment Tobago and we spend a lot of time thinking and working on environmental education, advocacy, helping with environmental research, and we also are practicing vegetarians. Sort of.

HORSES and HORSEBACK RIDING. Again, sometimes I forget my main interest in running this site is for the marketing of our Stables – Looking Out Stables. Here is the link to that page.

Using this site: Use the ‘Search’ tool liberally. Type in your search term in as close to few words as you can. You will find keyword like Horses, horseback riding, Farm, Farming, environmental sustainability, environmental education, environmental advocacy, ICT, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, agriculture and even animal rights will all serve you well.

Advertising: I am beginning to optimize this site and as I do that it will climb the page ranks. I need links, as much as links need this site. I don’t know though, since I’m committed to provide quality content first and seek revenue after. (I’m the JC of the webs)

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